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Light-a-candle-datesTAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR CANDLE (or, you and your candle) and post to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Vine or with hashtag: #lightacandle4NH  and the URL: (or just (and for Twitter,  include “@NHCADP”). Help spread the word! Thanks.

See Wall of Candles here.

LIGHT A CANDLE encourages statewide and worldwide participation in individual and collective prayer, meditation and mindful intention to end NH’s death penalty.   This can take place whenever you wish, especially if you can gather a group to do so. See recommended days/times below.

These observances are encouraged for people of faith as well as secular humanists who believe the power of intention can have a beneficial effect on ourselves and our world.

 How can you participate?

  • Light a candle
  • If you have one, engage in your form of prayer or contemplative practice from your home
  • Read inspiring articles or books, such as the PARABLE story by John Breckinridge or DEAD MAN WALKING by Sr. Helen Prejean
  • Take a photo of your candle and post it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – state your desire for a death-penalty-free New Hampshire. (Please mention “New Hampshire Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty” in your Facebook post. On Twitter, include our handle @NHCADP and use any of these hashtags: #NHRepeal, #deathpenalty, #NHPolitics.)

One does not have to be in New Hampshire to participate, as all intentions, prayers and meditations for our death penalty to end are appreciated!

LIGHT A CANDLE, Wednesday, April 16 8PM EST

The NH Council of Churches and NH Buddhist Peace Fellowship are sponsoring a Light A Candle observance on Wed 4/16 at 8pm, and encourage everyone to “tune in” at that time from your home or group location using the suggestions above or those recommended by your faith or practice community.

RING THE CAPITOL-LIGHT A CANDLE, Thursday, April 17 9AM in Concord

The Senate Floor Vote on HB1170 is anticipated to be the morning of Thursday, April 17. For those who can come to Concord, we are gathering with the intention of forming a ring of people encircling the State House and holding silent vigil with candles beginning at 9AM, followed by filling the Senate Chamber and continuing with silent contemplative practice (without the candles).

LIGHT A CANDLE WORLDWIDE, Thursday April 17, 9AM EST until the Vote

If you cannot join us in person on the day of the vote, we recommend and encourage you to engage in your contemplative practice starting at 9 AM EST on Thursday 4/17 and continuing on as long as you can, or joining in whenever you can that morning up until the vote is complete. We will be posting notices of progress on the floor debate and vote on our Twitter page.


If you are drawn to non-traditional visualization or affirmation practice, you are welcome to consider (or reject!) any of these suggestions, whether you are there in person or tuning in from afar. The most important element is generating and radiating a positive heart-based feeling:

  • Visualize the room where proceedings will happen in Concord  — see image of Senate Chambers (where the floor debate and vote will happen) here.
  • Send love, light, peace or whatever symbol or feeling resonates with you in order to cleanse, inspire and uplift both the physical space and all the people in it to act for the highest good.
  • Affirmation possibilities:

– “Regarding the repeal of the death penalty, the NH Senate is choosing the highest good for all people”
– “As they consider repealing NH’s death penalty, our NH State Senators are opening their hearts and minds for the best benefit of all,”
– “In the deliberations for abolishing the death penalty, may love and peace guide the decisions of the NH Senators”
(research shows that it’s best if it’s not too specific).

Or use any peace, love or consciousness-expanding mantra, prayer or reading you wish.

Or create your own!

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