Films Available

NHCADP has a number of videos available with permission to be shown publicly. Community groups may reserve these for presentations and discussion sessions.

250_The_Empty_Chair_Revised_PosterThe Empty Chair tells four stories of murder victims’ families reliving the crimes and confronting the loss of loved ones. Instincts for revenge during trial and the debate for punishment by death climaxes in a search to forgive and heal.

  • Starring: Sue Norton, Renny Cushing
  • Directed by: Jacqui Lofaro, Victor Teich
  • Runtime: 0 hours 43 minutes
Click Here For Trailer
Click Here For Trailer

250_70x7_Video_on_Demand_Art70 x 7: The Forgiveness Equation Two families challenge our rock-hard beliefs as they battle the forces of revenge and forgiveness in the face of unspeakable horror and grief.

  • Starring: Sue Norton, Maude Hill
  • Directed by: Jacqui Lofaro, Victor Teich
  • Runtime: 0 hours 37 minutes


At the DeDeathHouseBigath House Door This film details the remarkable career journey of Rev. Carroll Pickett, Death House Chaplain, who accompanied over 95 men into the execution chamber during his tenure. From the award-winning filmmakers of Hoop Dreams, Steve James and Peter Gilbert.

  • Starring: Reverend Carroll Pickett, Steve Mills
  • Directed by: Steve James, Peter Gilbert
  • Runtime: 1 hour 39 minutes


juan melendez 1 trinity hs croppedWe also have the Juan Melendez story Juan Melendez- 6446

  • Directed by: Luis Rosario Albert
  • Runtime: 49 minutes
  • Language: Both in English and Spanish

To request movies, please contact Ray Bilodeau.

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