Not In My Name

As we travel the Road to Repeal, we’re asking the people of New Hampshire to stand in support and say, “Not In My Name.” One way you can take action is to share your own Not In My Name photo. Find out how below the photos!

Share your own Not In My Name photo

We are at an historic moment in our state with support for repeal coming from diverse parts of our community and with a governor who has expressed her support. Your participation in this action will help to signal to the press, to our fellow NH citizens and to lawmakers that we are ready to end this costly, immoral, and unjust practice once and for all.

  1. Make your own sign. Be creative! Use your own words, or you can use one of the following suggestions:
    • “Not In My Name”
    • “Don’t Kill In My Name”
    • “NH Can Live Without The Death Penalty”
  2. Take a photo of you holding your sign.
    • If you use a Mac, you can follow these instructions to take a photo with your computer.
    • If you use Windows, try these instructions.
    • Or you can always get a friend to take a photo with a digital camera or mobile device.
  3. Send us your photo. Please email it to

By submitting a Not In My Name photo, you give the New Hampshire Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty the absolute right and permission to use your photo in its promotional materials and publicity efforts.

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