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We the undersigned call on New Hampshire’s elected officials to support the repeal of the death penalty in New Hampshire in 2015. Supporters of death penalty repeal want capital punishment ended for many reasons, some of which follow:

  • The risk of killing those who are innocent. Over 130 people have been released from death row due to evidence of wrongful convictions since the 1973.
  • Belief in the sanctity of human life until natural death.
  • Friends and family of murder victims seek swift and sure justice on behalf of their loved one and closure for themselves. Trials that seek death for the criminal are lengthy and the death penalty is not often actually carried out.
  • Taxpayers would rather spend their hard-earned money on other priorities, such as help for crime victims’ families and programs to prevent crime, instead of on the expensive appeals process required in capital cases.
  • Killing of convicted criminals is unnecessary because society can be kept safe by sentencing them to life in prison without parole.
  • Opposition to killing criminals to show to killing is wrong.
  • Racial and class bias result in a disproportionate share of poor and minority Americans being condemned to death.
  • Over two-thirds of countries have eliminated the death penalty. The United States stands alongside China, Iran, North Korea, and Yemen in committed the largest share of executions around the world.
  • Executions require the state to employ one or more citizens in the killing of the criminal.
  • Those sentenced to death are sometimes suffering from mental illness, which may have influenced them to commit crime.


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