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Read 2018 NH Faith Leaders Statements on the Death Penalty
(20MB PDF. Right-click to download).

The Faith Initiative of the NH Coalition to Abolish the Death InterfaithPenalty brings together Coalition members from a variety of faiths whose faith shapes their position on repealing the death penalty. Faith Initiative members educate people about the ways their faith supports ending the death penalty in NH and the U.S. Actions of the Faith Initiative are consistent with the Coalition’s overarching mission of providing public education about the death penalty.

The Faith Initiative’s educational actions include a Speaker’s List of people with various religious beliefs and different personal and professional backgrounds who are available to lead local discussions on the death penalty.

Speakers address:

  • The impact of the death penalty on murder victim family members;
  • The moral choices implicated when government spends millions of dollars on the death penalty while cutting basic services to the most vulnerable in our society;
  • The government’s role in killing its citizens, rather than allowing them to further develop their humanity.

Speakers also address faith-based Action Steps to end the death penalty.

Speaker can be arranged for local groups of any size. Here is a sample schedule for a larger group workshop. Call and we can help you plan how to engage your group or best use our speakers.

Sample Speaker Agenda
6:30 Gather and register

7:00 Welcome, goals for the evening, brief opening prayer

7:15 Keynote speaker – (member of Speaker’s List)

7:35 Panel Response & Discussion – (a member of your group, members of Speaker’s List, local political leaders, etc. Topics could include cost, variety of perspectives, legislative, faith issues, impact on corrections workers and other questions.)

8:15 What is the NH Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and the Faith Initiative? How you can get involved. Action Steps that we all can take.

8:30 NH resources for hope – faith-based curricula available, speaker’s list, local legislators, faith groups, packets to people who attend the workshop, contact information

8:50 Closing Words and Prayer

Inform participants that speakers will be available after the session for additional questions and valuation of the session. This helps to maintain focus during this program and improve future presentations.

To arrange a workshop or schedule a speaker, please contact Ray Bilodeau, Community Organizer for the NH Coalition at or call 603-969-9177.



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